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3 min readJan 6, 2021

Towards the end of 2020, we announced the biggest change to the Loki Project since launch: Loki is rebranding to become Oxen. There have been plenty of questions about what the rebrand entails, when everything will be happening, and what our users need to do (spoiler alert: Loki users and $LOKI holders don’t need to do anything whatsoever). To minimise uncertainty and confusion, today we’re announcing our roadmap and timeline for rolling out the Oxen rebrand.

For an overview of the reasons behind the rebrand, head over to our rebrand announcement blog.

What’s happening today (6 Jan 2021, AEDT):

Today we’re dropping the first taste of Oxen’s gorgeous new branding: A landing page is now live at oxen.io. Head on over to feast your eyes on Oxen’s logo and a peek at the colour scheme we’ll be using.

What’s happening tomorrow (7 Jan 2021, AEDT):

Tomorrow is when the rollout really kicks off. Our social media accounts, Telegram community, and contact email will officially switch over to Oxen equivalents. An updated desktop wallet with Oxen branding will also be released tomorrow, and our exchange listings will start swapping from $LOKI to $OXEN ( note: these are cosmetic changes only; $LOKI holders do not need to take any action). All Loki users can continue using their current wallets and services without having to update — everything will continue working as normal. But if you want to see the slick new branding in the wallet, you should update regardless!

What’s happening over the coming weeks:

Over the following weeks, our listings on other service providers like CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko will make the switch to $OXEN. We’ll also be releasing completely new mobile wallets, rewritten from the ground up to be faster, better, and, of course, with that beautiful new Oxen branding. The older mobile wallets will continue to function, but keep an eye on our social channels for links to the new mobile apps when they’re available — we know you’re going to love them.

We’re also hard at work on the full Oxen website, which will be live at oxen.io in early February, along with fully reworked and rebranded documentation for every part of the project and our tech stack. In the meantime, the existing loki.network website will remain live until the rollout is completed.

Regarding wLoki: The wLoki transition is going to be a little bit more involved. We’ll make an announcement with more information in the coming days. For now, everything will continue working as usual, under the wLoki (Wrapped Loki) name.

How you (yes, you!) can help

We’re incredibly excited to begin the rollout of the Oxen branding in earnest. But we know that a staggered rollout like this means that there may be some confusion, especially for newcomers to the Oxen (Loki) community. So we’re calling on you, our loyal community members, to help clear things up. If you run across someone who’s unsure what’s going on or why, don’t hesitate to jump in and explain — or just refer them to our blog.

Looking ahead

With the Oxen rebrand rolling out, we’re more bullish than ever about the future of the project we’ve built together. The future is bright, and we can’t wait to make this journey with you, our community.

It’s time for the Year of the Ox.

Let’s go.

Originally published at https://loki.network on January 6, 2021.




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