Major project announcement: A bright future for Loki

What we’re announcing

An evolution for Loki

OXEN: A new era for Loki

  • A truly encrypted Slack/Mattermost competitor
  • Truly encrypted voice and video call service (Yes, much better than Zoom or Jitsi, which aren’t really that well-secured at all)
  • Peer-to-peer networking replacement library for blockchain projects (much easier to deploy than libp2p, for instance, due to common features with ZMQ)
  • Onion VPN marketplace powered by Oxen
  • Secure onion-routed HTTPrequest library (onion requests) used to secure simple web traffic between client and server without requiring a VPN or OS level support
  • Redundant messaging utilising the swarm protocol (superior protocol to Bitmessage)
  • Virtual LAN functionality to enable private networks to form on the public internet (a more versatile, easier-to-use version of Hamachi)

What’s next for Chainflip

Chainflip ICO and OXEN swapping program

Session and Lokinet: The future is bright



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