COVID-19 contact tracing: Getting it done — and making it work — Loki Foundation

Part 1: Is it okay?

How it works

Is COVIDSafe a privacy risk?

But what about Google and Apple?

Part 2: Making it a success

  1. The government needs to properly communicate its plans and implementation to the public.
  2. The government must stop violating our trust. Maybe then it would be easier.
  3. The tech community put its weight behind this (good) use of technology in the public discourse — but only once we’re happy.

1. Trust

2. Communication

3. Accountability

  • The app doesn’t care where you are or what you’re doing
  • The app doesn’t upload tracing data automatically to central servers
  • If the app is using GPS or other location services
  • If the app is communicating over the internet or cellular network with anyone
  • Where those connections go to, how frequent they are, possibly what they contain
  • How the app uses Bluetooth and what it is saying over it

4. Backing



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