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ELI5: The Oxen project

Are you being spied on? Every day it becomes more and more obvious that technology is being used to keep an eye on everyone in the world. Nobody is safe from surveillance.

Oxen is bringing privacy to the digital world through blockchain technology. Oxen allows you to make the things you use every day more private. Things like web browsers, instant messengers, and social media.

Level 1: The blockchain

They say data is the new oil — but privacy is gold. And Oxen has struck gold. The thing that makes Oxen special is that it’s a privacy protocol that can be used by anyone, not just the tech elite. The way the internet has evolved, privacy is a commodity. If you want privacy — you have to pay for it. Whether that cost comes in the form of money, time, or social currency, you’re made to work for your privacy.

More and more, people are willing to sacrifice convenience to preserve their privacy, people are aware their data is…

Is the meme power of DOGE really stronger than the fundamental forces of OXEN?

Memes are the fuel that makes the internet machine go round. By now, we’re all well aware of the real-world repercussions our silly online jokes can have. In the crypto space, this is even more true. Fortunes are won and lost on the back of image macros, social media storms, and trending hashtags.

In 2021, the star of DOGE is shining bright. For a lot of people, DOGE is one of the only coins they know by name, it might even be the first they’ve ever heard of crypto — certainly outside of Bitcoin.

If you’ve been around the crypto…

The environmental impact of crypto — like Bitcoin — is the worst kept secret in the crypto industry. Everyone in the crypto community knows the harsh reality: blockchain technology (specifically, Proof of Work) uses an enormous amount of energy. Of course, this is by design — computational power is how traditional blockchains are secured.

The blockchain world is growing and expanding at a breakneck pace. In 2021, Elon Musk’s fascination with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has poured ample rocket fuel into crypto’s propulsion systems. However, the brakes have been pumped by Musk’s announcement that Tesla is suspending vehicle purchases using…

Towards the end of 2020, we announced the biggest change to the Loki Project since launch: Loki is rebranding to become Oxen. There have been plenty of questions about what the rebrand entails, when everything will be happening, and what our users need to do (spoiler alert: Loki users and $LOKI holders don’t need to do anything whatsoever). To minimise uncertainty and confusion, today we’re announcing our roadmap and timeline for rolling out the Oxen rebrand.

For an overview of the reasons behind the rebrand, head over to our rebrand announcement blog.

What’s happening today (6 Jan 2021, AEDT):

Today we’re dropping the first taste of Oxen’s…

Since we started in 2017, Loki has grown exponentially. After beginning as an ambitious Monero fork, our scope has dramatically expanded into a full privacy suite: a private messaging app, an onion routing network, a private PoS cryptocurrency, and a foundation dedicated to building and supporting free, accessible, decentralised, open-source privacy tools.

We have proven ourselves to be a community-first, transparent, development-led team. Always have been, always will be. We work for our community, and we’re always adapting to make sure we’re bringing value to the project and providing you with the best applications possible. In recent months we announced…

On April 16, I published an open letter detailing my thoughts on contact tracing apps in Australia. In it, I talk about how I think it’s a surprisingly well thought through plan, and in my opinion, sufficiently protects the privacy of the public.

It seems further explanation is required. Currently, the government is doing an atrocious job of convincing Australians to support what’s actually a very compelling product that could genuinely make a huge difference if enough people use it. …

On April 10th, Apple and Google announced their plans to jointly create software infrastructure in Android and iOS for use in contact tracing apps. Separately, the Singapore government’s efforts to develop a contact tracing app have resulted in TraceTogether, and a similar app now being actively developed for use in Australia. This app will have to utilise the APIs being provided by Google and Apple to increase its effectiveness when they become available.

Contact tracing identifies people who may have come into contact with someone with an active case of COVID-19. Due to the pandemic, many countries have launched technologies…

Tuesday, 10 December marks Human Rights Day — the day the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) was adopted by the United Nations back in 1948. The UDHR was a visionary document that provided a ‘terms of service’ for our human rights.

I live in Australia, and I tend to take my own human rights and freedom for granted. I have never personally experienced a place or a time where these principles were not a given. …

Multi-device support is one of the most-requested features in modern messaging applications — people want to be able to chat seamlessly across all of their devices.

Decentralised chat applications have struggled to implement this crucial feature, leaving their user experience lagging behind messengers that use central servers.

The Loki Messenger team has been working on this problem for the last few months, and we’ve finally published our solution. Loki Messenger v1.5.0 puts multi-device into users’ hands for testing.

How we did it

Unlike many decentralised messengers, Loki Messenger is not a peer-to-peer messaging service. Instead, Loki Messenger uses a network of servers (Loki Service…


Creating digital tools to help you build the secure, decentralised future of the internet.

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